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Team Bonding

Virtual Team Building Activities for Teams Working From Home

Team Bonding via Zoom?  Yes, it’s Possible!

Our clients have asked for our help.  Their teams are tired and in desperate need of an injection of fun. Everyone working from home could be our reality for many more months.  

Introducing Team Bonding’s New Activities for Teams Working Remotely

New, simple, casual and fun experiences presented over Zoom to keep your team’s spirits up and enhance your personal connections.   

For months, we held off … worried that our usual formula of fun, bonding and friendly competition could not be replicated online.  However, challenges like this unleash our creativity!  So we’ve learned some new skills and adapted our proven formulas to suit the new normal. These brand new events contain the usual Team Bonding magic. 

After all the stress, anxiety, adaptation and hard work, surely your team deserves to have some time to reconnect and enjoy themselves after all these hard months.     They are all fully hosted, you just have to show up!   Delivered to your team in the comfort of their own homes via Zoom.

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Trivia via Zoom80’s 90’s 00’s POP CULTURE TRIVIA


Fully hosted by Team Bonding, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s Pop Culture Trivia is a short (75 minutes), nostalgia laden event  we can conduct via zoom with your remote team. Includes music, TV, movies, celebrities and scandals from the Eighties, Nineties and Noughties.  Easy, fun and great value, Zoom Pop Culture Trivia – let your team revisit the colourful decades of their early lives.



Fully hosted by a Team Bonding games expert, Zoom Fun & Games is a fast (60-90 minutes), engaging “icebreaker” event  we conduct via Zoom with your remote team. We have simple, fun games that move fast.  Games include. “would you rather”, scavenger hunts, captions, photos, emojis and have you been paying attention.  Fast, simple, enjoyable (and well priced), Zoom Fun & Games will refresh your team connection by laughing together.



Hosting by a Team Bonding trivia master, this event is a short (75 minutes) team event suitable for general knowledge “all rounders” conducted via Zoom with your remote team. Includes general knowledge, current affairs, history, science, geography, lightened up with fun questions, music and movies from across the decades.  Simple, fun and great value, All Rounders Trivia will let your smart team show off a broad range of general knowledge.



Hosted by an incredible drum master, Virtual Drumming and Percussion is for teams who need an energy boost and have a desire to reconnect.   This event is conducted via Zoom with your remote team, using household items to make music and get your team back into rhythm and flow.   Dynamic, surprising, enjoyable and well priced, our virtual Drum Together event will refresh your team connection with instant music.

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Why Choose Team Bonding

This is our 14th year in business and we’ve worked with thousands of teams on their end of year functions
We understand you want an inclusive, simple, fun activity for people to mingle and enjoy
Our price will be super competitive and probably the best
Our team are experienced and friendly 
Our events run seamlessly, our professionalism will make it easy for you
We know how crazy things are right now and will offer you plenty of add on advice to make your side of it easy



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