Bogan Bingo

Virtual Bogan Bingo & Trivia – release your inner bogan!

Ever wanted to release your inner bogan? Then look no further – this event is what you are looking for.

Gather your friends, colleagues or family & play some fun Bogan trivia & bingo. Guaranteed to give you & your team lots of belly laughs.


This is a fully hosted virtual event by our resident bogan, we will start off by playing a few bogan warm up games to get your team in the spirit & locate their inner bogan. We will then split you up into smaller teams & play some bogan trivia with rounds of bingo throughout the event.

We also highly encourage teams to dress up!


  • Your team likes some simple, silly, competitive fun
  • An event that really involves everyone in the team
  • Enhance communication, quick thinking and problem solving
  • Want something a bit challenging, using concentration and strategy
  • Teams are up for a hilarious fun time

Event Type

Plenty of Laughs, Online

Group Size

10 – 100+

Time Needed

1.5 – 2 hours

Activity Level

Low level