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Sydney Christmas Parties 2019

Team Bonding has loads of fantastic Christmas
Party ideas for Sydney teams   ……

Update:  Bookings for 2019 are closing on October 31, 2019.   Only Tuesday and Wednesdays
have daytime slots open – please be flexible about dates.

Choose an end of year function that includes everyone and will be easy, fun and memorable. You’ll get to mingle and enjoy yourself. Let us make it easy.   

Please don’t leave it too late. Friday slots are closed and the best venues get heavily booked too.
Why not give us a call, we have plenty of advice to share.   In a 2 minute conversation we can work out the perfect event for your team and make sure this is something that everyone will enjoy.     
See our best Christmas party ideas for Sydney teams in 2019.  Try to be flexible about dates and offer a range, Fridays are closed now, weekdays can give you much more scope, and are often a much better choice in the end.

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Our most popular event is loved by all teams. This is an amped up scavenger hunt that will tick all your boxes.  It suits all team sizes, gets your group outdoors and is just competitive enough to make the result interesting. With fantastic courses in the city and suburbs, it’s more than likely Amazing Race will be the ideal Christmas activity for your group



Paparazzi is a short (around 90 minutes), engaging “icebreaker” event with low physical exertion. Staged like a photography scavenger hunt around several checkpoints, the tasks are creative and the distance is fairly short. Ideal if you are time squeezed or want to start late in the day. Easy, fun and great value, Paparazzi could tick all your boxes.



Kombi Kapers is unique, not physically challenging and super enjoyable. A hybrid between a scavenger hunt and a car rally, most of the distance is covered in a gorgeous vintage Kombi. Perfect for teams with overseas visitors or who that have little desire to run around, this bonding experience will be fun and memorable.



This ingenious event suits larger groups who want a varied, fun event with lower physicality than our Mini Olympics. Designed like a “tasting plate” we feature portions of the Mini Olympics, Paparazzi and Fun & Games. It is one of our best events, perfect for diverse teams who want something for everyone to enjoy.



Do the huge expectations on your team mean they need to constantly adapt and juggle? Why not learn some circus skills? Apart from loads of fun and laughs, you’ll acquire some brilliant “party trick” skills like juggling and spinning plates. You’ll be so proud of yourself if you master 3 balls!



With no dressing up or acting required this event is like not other Christmas function. Thinking they are attending a “normal” Christmas function, our talented cast will ingratiate themselves with your team and surprise everyone with drama and mayhem. The murder scene will never be forgotten

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Why Choose Team Bonding

This is our 12th year in business and we’ve worked with thousands of teams on their end of year functions
We understand you want an inclusive, simple, fun activity for people to mingle and enjoy
Our price will be super competitive and probably the best
Our team are experienced and friendly 
Our events run seamlessly, our professionalism will make it easy for you
We know how crazy things get in December and will offer you plenty of add on advice to make your side of it easier than any other year



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