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Team Bonding

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The most consistent positive feedback we get about the Amazing Race is compliments on the¬†diversity and balance of our checkpoint activities. Specifically designed to be involving, inclusive and creative, some activities also function as a rest to give teams breathing space. As we have between 2 and 5 facilitators on each race we have the luxury of briefing, managing and judging complex activities such as engineering, creative design and human movement tasks… it is really our staffing levels that sets us apart.

So much more than running around the city with a booklet of questions, our Race event features around 10 challenges, which are scored and combined with time into a points table. Winning teams are either consistent across tasks (and fairly fast) or outstanding on a number of tasks.

The challenges rely on different skills … that way no single participant will be great at all of them and dominate their team. ¬†We notice everyday that the most effective teams leverage the abilities of all their players, so the race is designed to demonstrate that everyone is valuable.

These activities have been loved and appreciated by tens of thousands of participants in the past 8 years, and we are sure your team will enjoy it just as much.

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