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Amazing Race City RocksThank you for booking a Paparazzi team event.  If you scroll down you will see details of the meeting point.  This link also has information for your staff if you want to forward it with your meeting request.

What to Expect:  This will be an enjoyable event based around bonding with your team mates, including around 30 minutes of walking (mostly short distances).  The facilitators keep the event casual and make sure no one is pushed too hard, physically or otherwise.  Thousands of other teams have loved the event and I’m sure that you will too.  The total time will be a shade over 1.5 hours, generally finishing with a drink or a meal (you will be directed to your finishing venue as part of the event).

What you need to know: This is a fun event which is focused around photography and creative tasks.  Whilst teams are scored it is not run as a race so anyone of any fitness will enjoy the activity.  This event differs from our Amazing Race in that the walking distance is generally under a kilometre and you won’t be overtaxed.

Clothing and footwear:  Smart casual or even business clothing is OK for this event, but  footwear is important and we do recommend comfortable shoes that are good to walk in, especially for the ladies.    Unfortunately, we are not able to carry anything on your behalf, so please avoid bringing bags, especially laptops or even handbags if possible (light backpacks are best if you do have things to carry). Sometimes it is possible to drop personal items at your finishing venue ahead of the event, this might be something for your organiser to consider.

Directions to the Meeting Point for the Start:  The meeting point is in the small park behind Circular Quay known as Jessie Street Park.  It is located off Loftus Street (near the bottom) behind the Paragon Hotel (their beer garden faces the park) Whilst it is compact, we meet here because it is easy to find and a central location, and this cuts down on walking distance to the East Circular Quay checkpoint.

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