Online Team
Escape Room

Can your team escape before its too late?

A dream cruise – but something is very wrong!

Passengers are disappearing, crew are behaving strangely then one morning, you wake up alone, locked in your cabin.

Solve the cryptic clues, tackle the riddles and games and ultimately find a way off the drifting cruise ship.

This is a large format Online Escape Room design for teams of up to ten people who must collaborate to solve the riddles and puzzles.

What it is;

“Something Strange At Sea” is an online escape room that takes place on a large cruise ship (from the comfort of your own computer!) and is designed for teams working from different locations.  Each player should be on their own computer with a good internet connection.

You will see the other player’s cursors as you move through the game. Remember this is a team game. Different members should be doing different things in order to reach the final goal – getting off the ship!

Will suit you if;

  • Want a team bonding challenge with a difference
  • Have done escape rooms before or like lateral thinking puzzles
  • You want to bring out natural leadership in team members
  • You are remote or scattered around locations

Event Type

Lateral thinking, online, remote, challenging

Group Size

2 – 10 (in one game)
Buy multiple games for more teams

Time Needed

Around 2 hours

Activity Level