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Paparazzi is a short (around 90 minutes), engaging “icebreaker” event with low physical exertion. Staged like a photography scavenger hunt around several checkpoints, the tasks are creative and the distance is fairly short. Ideal if you are time squeezed or want to start late in the day. Easy, fun and great value, Paparazzi could tick all your boxes.

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02 9949 2989

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Kombi Kapers is unique, not physically challenging and super enjoyable. A hybrid between a scavenger hunt and a car rally, most of the distance is covered in a gorgeous vintage Kombi. Perfect for teams with overseas visitors or who that have little desire to run around, this bonding experience will be fun and memorable.

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02 9949 2989

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Allow your team members to explore their creative side with this enjoyable hands on activity which suits all types of teams. Includes warm up exercises plus a painted major work based on a theme of your choosing. With expert facilitation to go from theme to a visual metaphor and a great result, teams love creating their major work.

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02 9949 2989

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Do the huge expectations on your team mean they need to constantly adapt and juggle? Why not learn some circus skills? Apart from loads of fun and laughs, you’ll acquire some brilliant “party trick” skills like juggling and spinning plates. You’ll be so proud of yourself if you master 3 balls!

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02 9949 2989

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Is Soma 350 Mg An Opiate

Cooking is rewarding and fun for a team to do together. Amaze yourselves by preparing dishes of 5 star standard and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a leisurely restaurant quality meal. All you have to do is turn up, we provide recipes, patient and personable teaching chefs, all the equipment and wonderful fresh produce.  

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02 9949 2989

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This African Drumming Corporate Team Building activity provides an enriching, exhilirating experience. It is a perfect metaphor for teamwork, collaboration, team harmony and listening. Even with no musical skills, in no time the team will be amazed by the music they are creating together.

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02 9949 2989

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We can run our popular Paparazzi event as an indoor team building activity, at a venue of your choice in the Sydney metropolitan area. It takes around 90 minutes and is great value for a fun, engaging, creative and memorable activity. You’ll all get a great laugh from the photos too.

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02 9949 2989

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Has your team “done” trivia before and want something more light hearted? Game On could be the answer. This is a fast moving event, teams compete on a range of short, engaging games. Taking only 5-10 mins for each, there is no lull in the fun. Some games are creative and some an intellectual challenge, but all are engaging and require great team collaboration.

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02 9949 2989

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