Detour! Jetboat as part of The Sydney Amazing Race

Detour! Jetboats – Add an exhilarating (wet) experience to your race

What is it:

A feature of our races is the Detours and none more exhilarating than the Detour! Jetboats experience.  These are added extra experiences that you opt into before the event to enhance your team’s enjoyment of the day.  These Detours are written into the events as an extra stage or checkpoint.

Will suit you if:

You don’t mind getting wet!!!  The jetboat adventure will throw you around, get the heart racing and soak you!  Bare this in mind when planning for your team!

The Jet Boat is operated by Sydney Thunder Jet Boats and can be added as a Detour or an extra on most Sydney events.

A detour is a great way to bring some extra strategy into an event and can be used to break up a race or sabotage another team by slowing them down and making them take part in an extra challenge.