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In August 2020, we consulted extensively with Service NSW about the legality of our event.  They are supportive and want businesses like Team Bonding to be operating again, as long as we rigorously follow our safety plan.


Current restrictions on businesses (extracted from Service NSW)

All businesses can now open and operate under the one person per 4 square metre rule. Some businesses will be subject to specific restrictions about the maximum number of people permitted at the venue, such as hospitality venues and places of public worship. 

Under the rules, employers must allow employees to work from home where it is reasonably practical to do so. 

For some types of businesses, you are required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.  (This ruling does cover us, so we have developed a Safety Plan, shown below)

Our “ruling” is showing on the Service NSW website under “Corporate Events” which are allowed to operate in conjunction with a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Corporate events 

A corporate event is an event, hospitality or social activity organised, held or funded by a business or other organisation for staff, clients or stakeholders and held at a function centre. 

The maximum number of people who can attend a corporate event cannot exceed 150 people or the one customer per 4 square metre rule, whichever is the lesser.

We used this guidance template as the basis of our COVID-19 Safety Plan (edited for relevance)

See our COVID-19 Safety Plan PDF below


Virtual Events Via Zoom

See our Suite of Virtual Events Here


In Person Outdoor Events

Amazing Race (in 7 city locations)


Circus Skills Workshop 

In Person Indoor Activities* 

Laugh a Minute

Game On

Murder Mystery

*(Available December 2020, Venues will Subject to Strict Covid Conditions)




Please see a pdf copy of Team Bonding’s COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN for outdoor events here.


Covid-19 Event Changes for Amazing Race, Paparazzi and Circus Skills Workshop

We have reviewed and altered all our activities to enable safe distancing and minimum contact between participants and between our staff and participants.

Our events are held outdoors in spacious areas.   We require participants to maintain safe distance throughout (1.5m spacing).  One team member in each sub team will be nominated as a Covid Marshall at the start to ensure standards are maintained through the event.

We will ask all participants to activate their Covid Safe app.

We will recommend that you finish the event outdoors in a park.

We will require names and phone numbers to be provided in digital form prior to the event, plus a printed copy to be given to the leader on the day.

We prefer all participants to bring their own face mask to be worn on the event (not mandatory, but preferred)

Team Bonding staff members will wear a mask throughout the activity

If any participants are required to queue or sit for a task, we will remind them about safe distancing.

We have reduced our recommendation for team sizes to 5-6 people

Each team will have a person responsible for holding all paperwork (folder, laminated sheets & pen)

Plentiful hand sanitiser will be available at checkpoints

Each team will have a nominated camera person in charge of the camera and photos for the event

All equipment will be deep cleaned between groups and sprayed upon arrival at the start point.

Finishes for the event will be recommended to be in a park area outdoors (in “capsule” groups of 20) where you have space and fall easily within the 4 square metre per person rule


Covid-19 Related Terms:

All small businesses have had to adapt to uncertainty. We could accept bookings and then be subject to later change. There are not going to be guarantees the date you’ve chosen will remain viable. Whilst the deposit is not refundable, you will be able to postpone the date without cost as long as a decision is made within 8 days of the event. If the postponement occurs close to the date scheduled and staff have been allocated, we reserve the right to issue an invoice to cover their wages.

In the event restrictions tighten up and don’t allow the event, postponement to another date will be offered. As a small business that has been severely impacted by Covid, we are unable to refund your deposit, however it can be transferred to a new date of your choosing.

Booking and Cancellation Terms

You book via a confirmation email or phone call with your chosen event, date, numbers, venue and timing included, plus your company details for invoicing purposes. Upon receiving this confirmation of your event we will invoice a 15% holding deposit due immediately.

About 10 days out from the event you will be invoiced the balance which is due on the day after the event. (If the event is less than a fortnight away, we generally just send one invoice). We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Amex and don’t charge a surcharge.

*NB. Should your numbers drop, we need to be notified that you are in a lower price bracket a minimum of 10 days before the event, as this will affect staffing of your event. If we are not notified, we must bill you at the number you have originally booked in.

Cancellation / Postponement Policy:

Your deposit will be held as a credit for you to use at another time of your choosing. (1 free postponement).

Bookings postponed or cancelled 9 or more days prior to the event, we retain the deposit, which is held as a credit for you to use at another time of your choosing. (1 free postponement).

Bookings postponed or cancelled  2 – 8 days prior to the event we will retain the deposit and invoice any additional direct costs that have been incurred (eg set up wages, suppliers, materials, preparation, bookings, equipment hire etc). Your deposit will be held as a credit for you to use at another time of your choosing. (1 free postponement).

Bookings cancelled or late postponements with less than 48 hours until the event was due, we will retain the deposit and invoice any additional direct costs that have been incurred (includes staff wages, set up wages, suppliers, materials, preparation, bookings, equipment hire etc).

Please note, if you book our activity to be conducted at an indoor venue, we will both be subject to their strict conditions and rules.  We recommend booking a larger space than would normally be the case.   If the venue is unable to fulfil your booking due to a change in the level of restriction we will be able to switch you to an outdoor event, not a different indoor event.

* If a permit has been purchased for Botanic Gardens or Parramatta Park, an admin fee will be charged should you postpone your event.

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