Raft Challenge

Cardboard Raft Challenge – Will you float or Sink?

Do you and your team want to ‘Sail the Seven Seas’ in a cardboard boat?

Want something challenging, creative, energetic, and fun for your team?

Then this is a team building event for you; that will have your teams getting creative, competitive, and just simply having some young at heart fun.

What it is;

We start by spitting your group into smaller teams, doing some warm up games to get the communication in the groups going, then the competition begins!!

All teams will be provided with their materials, cardboard boxes, pool noodles, tape, and decorative materials. Then it’s all up to the team to construct a functional boat that will float in water.

Teams will be given one hour to design, create and build their vessel before we put them all to the test in a competitive race to the finish line in the water.

Teams will be judged firstly on creative design, team name and unique functions of their vessel. And Secondly on how well their boats float and race. 1 person from each team will climb aboard their team vessel and races all the other teams boats to the finish line.

Will suit you if;

  • Want a team bonding challenge with a difference
  • Enhance active creativity that streams through to the workplace
  • Enhances communication, quick thinking, problem solving and leadership
  • Something energetic, involves the whole team and thats a lot of fun

Event Type

Plenty of Laughs, Creative, Outdoors, Will get wet

Group Size

8 – 80

Time Needed

Around 2 hours

Activity Level