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Team Bonding


large group icebreaker games

Icebreaker games for large groups seated theatre style

Large group icebreaker games in a theatre setting is a team building challenge.  You have a lack of space, large numbers, movement is constrained and you can’t form workable sub groups.   

When a client asked for ideas with this “impossible” brief,  it seemed a good idea to create this post to share my thoughts.
Many games emerged from the world of improvisation and will lighten the mood, energise the group and get a laugh.  I’ve chosen games that are simple to execute and brief, and where people don’t need a lot of space to

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Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge

The Marshmallow Tower Challenge is a simple team exercise that  is enjoyable but also encourages people to work together to practice problem solving , design thinking, resilience and agility.  It is simple to facilitate, with inexpensive simple materials.

Duration: 20+ minutes (total timing depends on debrief time)  Note the original exercise allows 18 minutes, I have reduced this to 12 minutes.

Create subgroups of 4-6 people

This exercise is a great way to encourage team members to collaborate, problem solve and to model design thinking such as testing and iterating. This activity also encourages critical thinking by asking

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