With a drum for everyone and a team of professional musicians/facilitators, we conduct a truly memorable, interactive music making experience.

What is it:

For centuries drumming has been used throughout the world to mark momentous occasions such as births, deaths, harvests, weddings, battle preparation and rites of passage. The sound of the drum strikes a chord within us all, like it has done throughout history, the drum continues to bring people together. Today interactive drumming remains one of the most direct ways to get people involved and sharing an experience as one.

Cultures right across the globe utilise drumming for their musical qualities and as a means of communication. As the sound of the drum travels from place to place, it sends a message to people and draws them together. Exactly the same effect is achieved today with drum circles. In modern day workplaces drumming is an effective way to bond a team and have fun together. The experience of team drumming is one of fun, joy, expression and most importantly of all it, is shared. Interactive drumming provides a safe place for colleagues to experience the joy of working & creating together.

Here is a note we received from Jenny Hardy of Saffran Helicopters after their event  ….

I just wanted to give you some feedback on today’s drum event.
Spectacular comes to mind.
Lance and his guys were awesome, I have never seen so many smiling faces and with our crowd, that’s very unusual.
Thank you so much for sending Lance to us and making our event successful.
Cheers,   Jen

Will suit you if:

You are organising – Team Building, Leadership Programs, Office Parties, Road Shows or Conferences

What to expect:

The rhythm and pulse begins… the doors swing open and delegates enter the drum circle. Picking up their drums in order to sit down, the group is immediately engaged. The introduction to the drum circle is completely non-verbal with the facilitator orchestrating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

Within minutes the participants are transformed into one unified musical ensemble. Our fully interactive yet non confrontational style of facilitation creates a relaxed forum where participants can laugh, sing and bond together in an energising and completely engrossing activity, that is sure to bring a real ‘WOW’ factor to your event. United, uplifted and inspired!

Event Type

Stress Relief, Indoors, Outdoors

Group Size

15 – 100+

Time Needed

30 minutes – 75 minutes

Activity Level

Low level

Team Bonding Drum Together 1