A Creative, Enjoyable way to Inspire a Team and Embed a Learning (Even If You Are Not Artistic)

What is it:

Creating art together in our Artworks event is a fantastic bonding experience that all groups find enjoyable and rewarding (even if they believe they are not creative).

This activity is excellent for embedding a key message, values, behaviour or cultural change.  The wonderful paintings create a lasting memento of the discussion and teamwork that resulted in a wonderful piece of art.

Will suit you if:

Great for diverse teams and anyone who may be more limited in other more physical activities.  Particularly suits teams in transition, especially if you are looking to celebrate new approaches, behaviours or values in your organisation.

No one needs artistic or creative ability to enjoy this event. Parts of Artworks are lively, parts are reflective and parts require effective collaboration and excellent planning.

What to expect:

This workshop is around 2.5 hours of hands on creativity. Participants will quickly find themselves “creating” in various mediums including collages and paint.

We start with a fun and spontaneous warm up activity designed to overcome niggly doubts about having to draw and get off to a high energy start. We follow this with an enjoyable personal exercise that allows individuals to tap into their inner artist. Following this, teams of 6 – 8 work together on the “master work” painting.

Using a theme of your choice as the topic of the painting the team work together to plan and create their artwork using a huge range of professional materials.

There are 2 approaches:

Each participant completes an individual square which come together to form a single artwork (a great metaphor for teamwork)

Teams can work on a single large canvas (sometimes a better outcome if you’d like to display one artwork in a triptych created by the full team)

This process symbolises effective, harmonious teamwork.

(You can see some different examples in the pictures below and our gallery)

We get excellent feedback on this event and know of many Sydney offices that are proudly decorated with inspiring self – created artworks.

Event Type

Very Creative, Indoors

Group Size

8 – 60

Time Needed

2 – 2.5 hours

Activity Level

Low Level