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Amazing Race Sydney

Amazing Race Sydney

Your Team Will Love Sydney's All Time Favourite Team Building Activity, The Amazing Race.

What is it:

Amazing Race is known as the great all rounder of team activities, it suits all team types, gets you outdoors and is just competitive enough to make the result interesting.  It has been called the “just right” team activity for good reason, it suits teams large and small, young in body and young at heart, introverts and extroverts and all levels of fitness.  (Anyone fit enough for a brisk walk can manage it easily).

Watch this video to find out more!

Will suit you if:

The Amazing Race is the great all rounder of team events for good reason. Is it for you?

• You want to do something simple and fun, designed for all types of teams to enjoy
• You’d like to get outdoors and do something totally different from your day to day activities
• Team members are able to walk around 3 km’s
• Team members are up for a laugh
• Team members would enjoy a variety of treasure hunt style tasks, with a hint of challenge but without intimidation, cheesiness or humiliation
• Total group size is between 12 and 145  (we can manage larger groups on some courses with multiple events, please ask).

And the best bit? Finding the perfect spot for relaxing banter and comparing experiences at the end! (We know all the best venues and will definitely help you choose)

We run the Amazing Race in 9 fabulous Sydney locations that show off the best of our city. The routes appear at left or click through to the 9 Courses page so you can choose whichever suits your team best.

The course pages also tell you the ins and outs of the event.

We’ve run more than 2,000 Amazing Races and continuously improved the event over 10 years. No single person in a team can dominate all the activities, and everyone gets a chance to shine. The event challenges the team’s approach to planning, creativity, ingenuity, trust and teamwork and gets rave reviews from all types of teams.

Clients tell us that their Amazing Race event was talked about for months, it is far and away our most popular event.  Most recommend us to other colleagues, proving that this type of team building activity hits just the right note.


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Price Includes:

PRICE GUIDE:  25 PEOPLE – Now $1,850 + gst

(We price in brackets, please let us know your group size for a quote)
Includes logistics, planning, equipment (including digital cameras), a modest prize
and 2 – 6 friendly, experienced facilitators.

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You can start any time from mid morning until 2 hours before sunset.  (We can’t run this event in the dark).

It generally takes around 2.5 hours, we can shorten by 15-20 minutes if required.

Larger numbers please enquire, we can manage larger groups on some courses.

Common Questions about Amazing Race:

Is it Like The TV Show?

Our Amazing Race is only loosely based on the the popular TV show, it is really more like a team treasure hunt / scavenger hunt style event. The most obvious difference is that the mean and nasty challenges are replaced by fun activities.  We make sure the entire event is carried out in a spirit of enjoyment rather than fierce competition (though competitive teams do still thrive).

If you know the show, you’ll know that one person has to stand by while the other participates, we found that didn’t work well in a team building context, so we changed from pairs to small groups, and make sure everyone participates equally – which is much more enjoyable as people share the load.

What Kind of Activities Do You Do?

The activities are designed for bonding and engagement rather than intimidation or humiliation. At face value they seem challenging and are easier to complete than it first seems.  The tasks require different aptitudes, enabling everyone in the team to shine. Some are observational, some are creative, some mental and some relate to co-ordination. Most have a timed element and all require planning and team work to perform well. Check out some of out fun activities here.

We Have People who are Pregnant, Injured or that have a Disability, can they Participate?

With minor injuries most people can participate and likewise even people with advanced pregnancy have enjoyed the experience. Most courses have shortcuts and we can generally make discrete allowances to suit the needs of your participants. We have had wheelchair users on some courses and also vision and hearing impaired participants. In all these cases it is best to call us to discuss your specific situation.

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