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Team Bonding is owned by Cate Richards, who left a 20 year corporate career to launch the business in 2007.  10 years later Team Bonding is most recognised and valued team building supplier in Australia, running over 300 events a year across 3 cities.

Here are the Team Bonding crew enjoying their own bonding event in May 2015. From left: Alex, Janell, Catriona, Michelle, Wendy, Fran, Mark, Kelly, Lindsay, Jane, Cate, Damon, Phillipa, Talis and Rupert

At Team Bonding we run fully staffed events, that way we can make our activities super interesting and varied and you’ll be taken really good care of.

All our leaders and facilitators are super organised and enjoy working with people. They balance friendliness, effectiveness and know how to ensure your team event goes super smoothly.   All you have to do is get everyone to the start and leave the rest in our capable hands.

We love working outdoors, in the best parts of Melbourne. We are really only here to keep you on track (like this team here being briefed on the final task in Federation Square)

at team bonding we help team managers strengthen bonds and build rapport to skyrocket productivity and enhance team spirit

Team Bonding was established in Sydney in 2006 and grew fast. In 2014 we ran creative, fun and memorable teambuilding events for over 300 blue chip client teams, and are on track to run 400 events in 2015.
The founder, Cate Richards, believes that with the pace of corporate life today, it is vital to pause occasionally to celebrate achievements with some old-fashioned fun. There is mounting evidence to suggest that the most successful teams have; a common purpose, consistently excellent delivery, strong communication skills and mutual respect.

High performing teams all seem to have strong interpersonal bonds and really enjoy their time together.
Smart managers know that their team members are happier and more productive working with people they know and respect. Studies show that people stay in jobs longer because of friendship.
Our results and testimonials show that there’s no better way to build rapport and positively influence team spirit than to dedicate time to togetherness outside of the structures of the work environment.

team leaders and meeting organisers, putting together an unforgettable event is as simple as calling 1800 047 220 to plan the perfect activity

smileyEnjoyment comes first

We choose the same kind of activities that would be enjoyable for a group of friends, so your team ends up with the chemistry of a friendship group.

xNo “rah rah” hype

Our events that fun happen naturally, there is no humiliation, pushing people well outside their comfort zones or hidden agendas at Team Bonding

peopleIt’s all about team spirit

By taking part in a great shared experience your team creates memories, conversation, laughter and good times.

valueWe offer amazing value

We put up prices right here on the website and don’t inflate our quotations with expensive add-ons or create customised events from scratch. (Though we can help with suggestions)

speechWe listen to your needs

We have experience with all types of team requirements, and will more than likely have an event to suit you. We do have events that suit people with disabilities.

thumbsWe make your job easy

We aspire to be the safe hands that you entrust with your event. We help you every step of the way so all you need to do is wait to the banks to pour into your inbox.

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