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Team Games

Team Games

Simple and fun this team building activity is like trivia on steroids, where gamesmanship, rather than intellect, is required.

What is it:

Team Games is a simple indoor event, where teams compete in sub groups on a range of short games.  Each game is scored so there is an overall winning team at the end.

Will suit you if:

This event suits large and small groups, who want a casual, no fuss activity that is flexible and can fit in easily with other requirements.

It is good for large groups who are seated at tables for presentations, dinners or conference speakers.

Team Games is our rain standby event for our outdoor activities and we can pull it together at short notice.

What to expect:

The games are hard to describe but easy to enjoy.  The event has an upbeat vibe, but is still informal and casual.

Photography – each team is given a camera and a list of photos to compose (eg a crime scene, a team shot taken from above – many examples on left hand side from a recent groups

Scavenger hunt based on what the team has at hand (on their person, in handbags or wallets)

Invention test – team need to create a children’s toy based on a bag of stimulus

Logic test relay – how fast can you crack these codes?

Pictionary – teams must be the first to finish some simple drawings or the team must form a drawing just adding a few shapes at a time.

Lateral Thinking – this is a series of fun questions that allow the right brain thinkers to thrive; for eg – best way to start an argument?

Food Relay – how fast can your team munch their way through some snacks?

Celebrity Head. Everyone wears a sticker on their forehead with the name of a famous person, they can only ask yes / no questions

Tongue twisters. A couple of players compete to recite tongue twisters.

Spelling Bee – volunteers will come up the front and spell out words.

Memory – what can you remember in 15 seconds?

Each activity is scored and once we’ve tallied the scores, we award a $2 shop trophy prize to each member of the winning team. These are humble but very sought after

Price Includes:

FROM $1,300 + gst for 20 or FEWER

Includes logistics, planning, equipment (including digital cameras to use), a modest prize
and 2 – 6 experienced facilitators.

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See our venues link (here) for more details.

We can generally come to a venue of your choice (Sydney Metropolitan Area) subject to a few simple requirements, ask for details. Price includes use of our digital projector, but not a screen.

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