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Laugh a Minute

Laugh a Minute

We've Taken Boring Work Dinners, Injected Some Shizzle and Filled Them Full of Laughter.

What is it:

This team participation event uses you and your team mates as the evening entertainment (you’ll be competing in fun game show style activities and laughing with each other).

It is a great opportunity for teams to get together with some healthy competition and a big dose of fun and laughter.  Fast moving and engaging, there will be something here for everyone to enjoy.

And yes, you’ll be asked to come up the front, but the wall flowers will be OK too as no one gets forced to do anything uncomfortable.

Will suit you if:

Laugh a minute suits groups of all sizes, though is particularly good for groups of 25 or more who are seated at tables for presentations, dinners or conference speakers.

You want something as easy as trivia, but with a bit more participation and energy. This event is loud!

What to expect:

Example Games:

Family Feud – can your mind work like the “average” person?

Project Runway – the garbage bag fashion parade

Taboo – create hints without using the taboo phrases

Lip Sync Challenge – this takes singing into your hairbrush to another level

Slideshow – how fast can you get through the alphabet?

Catchphrases – what happens after these classic 80’s and 90’s movies lines

Tongue Twisters. Team members step up to recite tongue twisters.

Minute to Win It Games – a series of quick and simple co-ordination games from the popular TV Show “Minute to Win It”

Talking About Your Generation – order fads based on their era of popularity

Photo Scavenger Hunt – each team is given a camera and have to race to photograph a list of items and team poses.

Once we’ve tallied the scores, we award a $2 shop trophy prize to each member of the winning team. These are humble but very sought after :-)

Price Includes:

Laugh a Minute Price is Here

Includes logistics, planning, equipment (including digital cameras to use), a modest prize
and 2 – 6 experienced facilitators.

You can start any time from mid morning until 2 hours before sunset.  (We can’t run this event in the dark).

It generally takes around 2.5 hours, we can shorten by 15-20 minutes if required.

Call (02)  9949 2989 to discuss

Please see our venues link (here) for more details.

We can generally come to a venue of your choice (Sydney Metropolitan Area) subject to a few simple requirements, you’ll receive this information when you enquire. Price includes use of our digital projector, but not a screen.  We need a fairly spacious room and a stage is brilliant!

We'd love to talk to you, Please call on: (02) 9949 2989

We operate in the Sydney Metropolitan Area

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